Exam finished
1 minute read

Woke up due to my alarm clock. Restarted a glibc compile before heading off for the exam a little bit late. It didn’t go too well, but I’ll pass, unless something really bad creeps up.

Had a few beers with Ingvild afterwards, it was really, really nice, then went up to Karianne’s since we were going to babysit Kristoffer (sp?), one of Håkons kids. It went easy enough. Walked back to Karianne’s before biking home, bringing one of her swords with me, so we can train on Saturday.

Hung about on IRC for a while, fixing up glibc a bit more before managing to get in touch with Bjørn-Ove and therefor heading off to the local microbrewery for some beer. Nice, met Gustav and Magne there as well. bgrotan invited Karianne and me for dinner on Sunday afterwards, so I guess we’ll be heading up there then.

Got back home, fixed another glibc bug, new build. IRCed a bit before hitting the sack.

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