Travelling to Molde, exam preparation
2 minutes read

Friday morning, Karianne and I took the bus to Molde where we stayed for the weekend, returning on Monday. It was nice meeting her parents and family, and we went well along. I managed to read most of the System Administration book I had brought along. It was quite a lot better than I had anticipated, with short example stories and various viewpoints on a lot of cases one will meet. I didn’t get to do any physics, though, which is a bit bad, since I have the exam on Thursday. We didn’t really do much in Molde; we were downtown and jumped at her aunt’s trampoline, we looked at the view from one of the mountains and we ate food and talked. Nice, relaxing weekend.

Today, I’ve been trying to study and do physics assignments, but it’s been slow and I’ve done a lot of other stuff. I’ll have to concentrate better tomorrow, I guess. Karianne made some good spaghetti for dinner and had bought strawberries for dessert. They were excellent, and we were surprised one could find that fine berries this early in the season. In the evening, we went DDR-ing. I sucked, mostly because it was a bit since I had played. A bit tired and sleepy in the evening, and I’m looking forward to finishing the physics exam.

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