Finished.. at last. (nearly)
1 minute read

Tuesday was spent hacking the Experts in Team project. We presented it today. I am tired and exhausted from the project. Our presentation sucked (though Karianne claims otherwise), and I’d like not to hear anything about the project for a while. We’re going to have a “process exam” tomorrow, I’m not sure what that really is.

Went home and ate some ice-cream with Karianne afterwards, then fell asleep on the sofa. Woke up, went to Samfundet for the last meeting of the semester. Wrote up a bit about the work system project for UKA05 and broke vawad a bit. Repaired her afterwards, it was just my mail delivery that broke.

Tired and want to sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day, I think. Gotta clean up and catch up with the last week’s mail and stuff.

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