Converting mail
2 minutes read

Today, I’ve mostly been converting mail. Not just a few mails, nono. I am moving away from gnus as my single mail user agent (MUA for short) and instead opting for using IMAP to access my mail. Of course, I want to carry all my legacy mail with me. Yes, all of it. All the 3-4GB and somewhere between 500 000 and 1 million messages. So, I’m now through my inboxes and have begun some of my list folders. It takes a while, but is fairly easy work.

Set up maildrop for filtering my mail today. It was easy once I managed to wrap my head around it, and the syntax is fairly nice. I wrote up a presentation for the software architecture course, actually a presentation we are not to hold. I’ve been playing with Mozilla Thunderbird for most of today and it seems fairly ok for a graphical MUA, but I’m not sure whether I’ll use that or go for evolution.

Met up with Karianne at IKEA around six, we picked up some small things before going to my place. Ate pancakes, and it started raining. I continued moving mail, and we had a mostly-slow evening, except for Karianne being exhausted. She had been riding earlier in the day, and managed to miss the bus stop en route to IKEA, so she had to walk a bit there as well. I’m also a bit tired and will see how much sleep I can catch before the probably tiresome day tomorrow.

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