Weekend with computers
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More or less the whole weekend has been spent staring at a computer screen. I’ve managed to mostly finish the Experts in Team project, which is really good (it’s even better if you consider we’re going to have a presentation of it on Wednesday). I had to rip it quite a bit apart, but it’s in fairly good shape now. I just need it to stay well for another week or so.

Friday, I was at the early lecture, then headed back home. I thought the EiT project group was to meet a noon, but evidently, we weren’t. Went shopping a little bit: I was looking for a new keyboard, but couldn’t find any I liked. (USB, small-sized, good to write on, not too expensive.) I bought the ticket for Brazil as well.

I got a phone call from Øystein Thursday night, and he’s got a job now, which is really good. So he, Ingvild, Karianne and some friends of him were out, drinking beer on Friday. Karianne and I went to the geek pizza at Peppes afterwards before heading off for Samfundet and a concert there. I felt a bit out of shape and was tired and sleepy, but the concert was good. Biked home afterwards, together with Ingvild and Øystein, whom we had met up with at Samfundet.

Saturday, I worked on the project. Truls asked me a bit about the Software Architecture project, but I couldn’t find any time then. On Sunday, when I had time, he hadn’t time, of course. In addition, my email reorganization project is moving forward. I had everything moved into nnfolder (mbox, basically) sometime on Saturday, and continued to move everything to Maildir. Moving a million (or so) mails takes a while. Karianne came down and she made some dinner. We had a nice evening, even though the both of us were working on various projects.

Sunday, I fixed a few bugs in dpkg, continued to work on my mail project, looked a bit around for some tool to convert iCal files to HTML (but couldn’t really find anything) and worked a bit more on both the Software Architechture project and the Experts in Team project. I am so tired of those projects and actually looking forward to my exams. It was nice having Karianne around here on Sunday as well, and I think I got her to rest a bit, which she needs.

I’m getting tired of not finishing my projects. Hopefully, it should be a bit better after this week, and I’m looking forward to a weekend in Molde with Karianne. I am actually considering not bringing my laptop along, but we’ll see.

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