Busy, busy, busy.
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Wednesday, I slept a bit long, nearly until eight. Got up and had a nice breakfast with Karianne. I went to the university only to discover we weren’t supposed to be there, so I headed back home, then to TEKS (Trondheim centre for electronic art). The others had assembled our project a bit, but we were missing a crucial part: a connector named LVDS-04, which goes between the mainboard and the LCD panel. Espen Gangvik called the company we bought it from and started working on getting us one, and I just hope we’ll have it before it’s too late: the presentation is next Wednesday. I went home afterwards and worked on getting Linux onto the CompactFlash card, which was a bit more work than I had expected.

I was going to go to Samfundet, but I managed to fall asleep on the sofa until almost 19:30, when I then biked off and picked up Karianne’s cellphone (she had forgotten it on the bus and it was less of a hassle for me to pick it up) and then back to Samfundet where I ate a little food. I then went off and joined the other LARP-ers at Krambua; had a few beers and talked with people. Quite a bunch of now-familiar people showed up, and I had a good time. Went home early with Karianne, and we went fairly early to bed.

Thursday, I woke up and hacked a bit before eating breakfast with Karianne. She left fairly early, and Henrik from the Experts in Team project came over to get some help with adjusting the length of some bolts. Once that was finished, I rushed over to the university to meet up with Ingvild, whom I haven’t seen in far too long time. Øystein was also there, and we had a nice lunch. He had to leave at some point, at which I helped her a bit with some maths and understanding how CRCs work. We had a halfway deal about meeting this evening for some ice cream, but it didn’t happen.

Went home again and worked more on the “install Linux on CF” part of the project. It’s coming along, but it’s, for some reason, a bit hard to get it working. Met up with Henrik again and we talked a bit about the project before I had to leave for dinner at Helle’s with Karianne. I hadn’t met her before, but it was nice and we went well along. Karianne and she is going to the stables on Monday morning, so I am to call and wake Karianne then.

Just before dinner, I got an SMS from Agnes asking about whether we wanted to join DDR tonight. We did, so she picked us up just after dinner, and we had a long an very nice DDR session. Karianne became a bit exhausted and Agnes drove her home. We talked a bit on the phone later, which helped a bit. I worked a bit more on the project docs.

I’m feeling busy, but I can’t get anything done. Things are falling apart a bit around me and I need to concentrate on the important things. I also need to clear out my TODO list fairly soon, before it overwhelms me.

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