Little sleep and DDR
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Woke up yesterday at about 05:30.. I had no idea why my body refused to sleep more than about five hours, but it does weird stuff currently. The upside was I had a bunch of time to read mail and such before heading off to the university at eight. I decided to get the UPS for vawad to Samfundet as well, so I was a tad late, but I managed to get the much-too-heavy UPS placed next to vawad, at least. Spent most of the day working on work stuff, updating DNS-es, doing some registrar work which had been lying about for too long and cleaning up tickets in the trouble ticket system.

Met up with Karianne at PVV and we decided to head out in the sun for a little while.. very nice, though she managed to catch a small cold, it seems. Gunhild had asked me to help her with some iptables setup at the girls-only computer lab, so I did that, and she bought me dinner and chocolate cake in return. Yay!

Worked a bit at Samfundet before heading home and going to bed. Again, I didn’t sleep too much, though it was more like six hours this night. Managed to clean up my room a bit and move lots of hardware and tools into storage. Went to the university for a lecture, it was fun today: we talked about monitoring and tools for doing that. Met Karianne afterwards, and we talked while I was in an IRC meeting at work. Had a post-mortem analysis of the project in software architecture, which took some time but was a good experience to have. Met Karianne again at home and made some dinner. My lovely girlfriend had done the dishes. She’s so kind and nice. We ate, talked and slept a bit before Sesse called and asked if we wanted to join DDR-ing. Marianne had asked a bit on IRC before, but I wasn’t too sure then. We decided to join, and it was awesomely fun. Knut Auvor was also there, and I did several four-feet songs. Yay.

Went home, had a shower and talked a bit before hitting the sack.

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