Lazy Sunday
1 minute read

The waffles yesterday was good, and it was nice to talk to Eirik, Øvind, Lars and Sigurd. Nice discussions, as usual. Went home at about eight and spent the rest of the night chasing down bugs in dpkg.

Woke up fairly early, at around eight. Didn’t do much except fix some bugs in dpkg and general cleanup before breakfast at approximately 10:30. Read a bit, both in ;login: and Rudyard Kipling’s The Light that Failed. Karianne came down at about four, at which point I had both closed a bunch of bugs in dpkg and discussed another bunch with Kamion and Keybuk.

We drank a bit of tea and I cleaned a bit more at home before we headed off to Bjørn Ove and Agnes for some dinner. It was very nice, we had a great time and the food was very good, as usual. When I got home, I wrote up another poem and discovered my network is really, really sucky right now, therefore a quite short blog entry tonight. (Most of this is written blinded; right now about 70% packet loss between my ISP and Uninett, where my web server is located.)

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