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Woke up on Friday at about six, which was nice, since I then had a fair amount of time to IRC and read mail before having a tad little time for breakfast and the bicycle trip to school. Anders was talking about printers, and it was a fairly fun lecture to be in with some interaction between the class and Anders. Went up to Karianne’s afterward, where I woke her up. (That was a good thing, since she then had enough time to fix all her stuff before going on a trip this weekend.) I finished my shoes as well, so now I have that prepared for the LARP in August. I borrowed a sword from her for the sword training today before heading home again. It had started raining, which sucked a bit.

Began reading mail and such and suddenly, I was asleep. I think I slept from about 18:00 to 23:30. Unintentionally, of course. This meant I missed the appointment with Magni (I was to pick up my flowers, will have to do it another day) and also that I didn’t go to the DDR championship.

I did get a bunch of stuff fixed during the night before going to bed at about 04:30. I couldn’t sleep with my window open, since somebody up- or downstairs was smoking and my room started smelling of smoke. It was hard enough to sleep as it was.

Managed to sleep until eight o’clock, got up, got some breakfast, moved some more mail. Went to the mall and picked up a pair of work gloves, a bottle of wine and some food before heading off for the sword training. It was lots of fun, and I didn’t do too bad, even though I haven’t done it before.

Went to the university to document the systems we set up in TDT4285, Systems administration. It went ok, and we documented everything in man format, which I think the lecturer and his assistant might find either cool or get a tad annoyed about. Going down to Eirik’s for some waffles now.

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