Mail day
1 minute read

Today has been spent respooling mail from nnml (a MH-like Gnus-specific mail backend) to nnmbox (which is mostly mbox, but with some Gnus extensions). From that, I’ll back it up and then respool it to Maildir, so I have something to waste all my inodes on.

The reason for this huge task is that I want to have all my mail accessible via IMAP, which means getting it all to Maildir, then using offlineimap to synchronize my mail server’s mail and my laptop’s mail. As a nice bonus, it will also make my mail accessible using whatever IMAP client I happen to be using. Nice.

The lecture in Systems administration was cancelled, so I spent the day at home with said project. Karianne came over and we made some dinner: Rice, vegetables and grilled chicken filets. They were nice and juicy, so it was quite good. She had a meeting to attend, but returned afterwards. We began planning the summer vacation, and it’s a jigsaw we’ll have to solve, but it still has a bunch of free variables. I guess it will work itself out.

Nice, slow day, but I’m hoping to be able to finish said mail project soon, it’s taking annoyingly much time.

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