Dancing again
2 minutes read

I didn’t manage to do anything at the experts in team stuff today. Very frustrating trying to chase some silly bugs in some C code I’ve written, but don’t care too much about nor understand well enough. First I went over to PVV, where I didn’t manage to get much done, then I went down to Samfundet where I couldn’t get anything done either. Just hung around on IRC, read some email, chatted a bit with Karianne. Nice enough, but it felt unproductive, and I hate it when I have those kinds of days.

Went dancing in the evening, which was really nice. I wasn’t there last week because of a silly server, and the lesson before that I was on a train for Oslo. It was nice, and we learnt some acrobatics, though just scratching the surface. Fun, fun, fun, and I want to dance more soon. Luckily, there’s a dance night at Samfundet this Sunday, so I’m considering going there.

Got home and had a shower and played a bit around with Mozilla’s calendar component. I’m looking for a decent calendar + todo list, but so far I’m not too impressed. Mozilla looked fairly ok, at least, but I’ll have to play more with it before deciding. I also need to move all my mail onto the IMAP server, I just have to find the time..

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