Productive day, and summer
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Woke up by myself fairly early. Upgraded a few kernels on some boxes at work, and they were rebooted by Anders a little later. Also discovered that the dpt_i2o module doesn’t work on x86_64 with 2.6, so I’ll have to go back to 2.4.26 on, the newest of our servers.

Ate some breakfast after putting a load of clothes into the washing machine, and while walking about, cleaning the apartment. I felt so full of energy.

At about 10:30, I walked down to the mall and bought some stuff to fasten my whiteboard to the wall, some whiteboard markers, flowers for Karianne (we’ve been together for a month today, and I wanted to give her something) and I discovered some decent, fairly cheap cognac glasses at GlasMagasinet. I got six cognac glasses from my father and Vigdis last summer, but didn’t have room to bring them up here, so they ended up using them themselves and told me to find some I liked, so now I’ve done that, and I’ve cleared it with them price-wise. Nice to have that out of my head.

Went to a lecture, in which I nearly fell asleep. Not because the lecture was boring, but rather because I feel I’m growing allergic to lectures, so I end up dozing off. It sucks, and I need to find out how to solve it soon, since it gets embarrasing.

Went to PVV, where Karianne was, so I talked with her a bit while working on how to solve a bunch of domain trouble at work. It’s just a bunch of work I’ve been pushing in front of me for a while, and today I decided to wade through it. Not too bad, got mostly through it.

Went home with Karianne, and while she was out for an appointment, I fixed up my bike, fixing the brakes which have been broken for about half a year. It will be nice to be able to brake again. When she got back, we made some good fajitas for dinner before heading off for the movies where we saw Hidalgo.

The film was ok, the story didn’t really catch me, and I ended up getting irritated over some minor stuff, but it was still nice being there and watching the film. Walked home afterwards, and saw it’s really gotten warm. My clothing was just knee-long trousers and t-shirt, with a thin jacket over. Nice, and a sure sign that summer is coming.

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