Spring is in the air..
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It was fairly warm last night when I went to bed, so I slept with my window open. Nice. Woke up by my alarm clock at about 7 o’clock. Ate breakfast and headed off for physics class. The assignment there was fairly easy and I finished it in two hours.

Went over to PVV and sat around there fixing some stuff most of the day. Among the things I managed to do is applying most of the internationalization and localization patches to dpkg, file a few bugs on various packages, upload an NMU for faubackup and talk to Karianne.

I didn’t think there was a lecture in Software Architecture today, but it was, so I went there. I was tired and kept falling asleep, which sucks. I hate falling asleep in lectures, not only because I miss most of the lecture that way, but also because it’s a great way of showing disrespect for the talker. Met up with Ingvild on my way to Samfundet; she had asked to borrow a rail level for putting up some shelves, so I lent her the key to my basement and told her where it was.

At Samfundet, I wasn’t able to get any work done. I did eat some decent dinner, though. Since I wasn’t able to concentate, and Karianne was making chocolate cake, I headed up there. Agnes wanted to see Karianne as well, so I picked her up at her house and we biked together to Karianne’s.

It was nice there, as usual, sitting around, talking. The cake was great, and I did work a bit more on my shoes, the second one which is now fairly close to completion. Fun, fun, I need to do that more.

Got home and felt a lot better than when I left for Samfundet. Karianne gives me strength and fixes me up when my head hurts and I want to go home and sleep. Love you a lot.

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