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Was on the IT committee forest trip from Friday to Saturday. It was nice, Bjørn Ove and I made enough food, as usual, and especially the bananas filled with chocolate and put in the fire until the chocolate re-caramelized. Great breakfast as well, before we headed home.

On our way home, we had a short break where we decided to try real-life tuxracing. Basically, don a black garbage bag and slide down the snow-covered hillsides face-first. Great fun.

Got home, had a shower and a small shopping trip before heading over to Karianne’s. We watched a movie and relaxed, mostly doing nothing, which is a skill neither of us knows well.

Karianne was tired on Sunday, so we decided to stay indoors and do little the whole day; I was a bit on IRC and worked on Debian multiarch support, though not too efficiently. debhelper now has dh_installlib and dh_installinclude, which seems to work fine. I also fiddled around with debpool on alioth, but without actually fixing it. Karianne and I played two rounds of carcassone as well, won one each. We had a nice time, but I was tired at the end of the day, not having slept too well either.

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