Forest trip
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Woke up by myself far too early, but managed to sleep a bit more. My AMD64 system is noisy for the time being, since I don’t have the correct fan yet. I think I need to get suspend working to alleviate this. Got up and had some breakfast. Played around with my new box for the first part of the morning, while cleaning up my apartment in between. It helped a lot, so I can actually see the floor again now.

I thought I had a lecture at 11, but it was cancelled, so I stayed at home, hacking. My box can now actually load modules and such in 64 bit mode, which is very nice, since my mouse then works. Of course, a lot of packages need fixing to use /usr/local/sbin/modprobe instead of /sbin/modprobe, but I’ll file bugs when I see the problems.

Agnes picked me up at about three o’clock for the reconnaissance trip into the woods. We picked up Bjørn Ove as well and drove up to the woods. Walked for about an hour through knee-deep snow. The snow was fairly firm, so we didn’t sink much, but it was a bit of work anyhow. The place we’re staying looks excellent, and I’m looking so much forward to the trip. Ate some chocolate and walked back before we went food-shopping, like only Bjørn Ove and I can do. Lots of nice food.

Agnes was tired, so she left the car at her place, while Bjørn Ove and I drove to the last food shop and picked up the last ingredients. On the way back, I jumped off at Karianne’s, even though she wasn’t home. Her small and cute desert rats were given water and food, which they needed, before I headed towards home. On my way, I also decided to drop by Hanne to pick up some stuff I’d left there. We ended up talking for a while before I walked home.

Tired, I arrived home and managed to remember the two things I were to: a frying pan and to fix up my boots for the real trip. Ate some dinner, IRCed a bit before going to bed.

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