Back at the university.
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Came back by train yesterday, and I’ve already learned to hate the UPS. It’s heavy. It’s heavy, and it’s heavy. My shoulders have been hurting ever since, and I hope it’ll stop soon.

Woke up at seven today, and put my AMD64 system into golem’s old box before breakfast. (The store wasn’t open yet, so no time wasted.) Didn’t have any time to really play with it before leaving for the university, but managed to pull a wire through the living room, since the WLAN was unstable. Need to look into it, but probably not until after I’ve switched the box to 2.6.

The university was boring, experts in team, as it is on Wednesdays. The only nice spot was that ssh and IRC kept me company. Even the university’s VPN was broken, so I couldn’t really surf the web or anything either.

Went down to Samfundet and started hacking at vawad, which took the whole evening. Missed out on my dancing class as well, which really sucks; I enjoy it a lot, but I was both tired and not feeling too full of energy and I wanted to fix up vawad before it got too late.

Went to Bjørn-Ove’s later and ate some more food, drank some port and some of his liquor. Also tasted some spiced apple wine, which was good. Talked with Karianne on the way home, which was nice.. She seems to be a bit tired now, and I want her back in Trondheim, both because I miss her, but also because she ought to before she hits the ground hard. Even though she has good friends around her, it’s not nice when she exhausts herself like that, so I try to pull her back, not too successfully so far, though.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s reconnaissance in the woods, as preparations for Friday’s forest trip. Tired and sleepy now.

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