End of Easter, and going home.
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I was skiing on Friday, cross-country, for the first time this year. My father has been skiing each and every day since Christmay Eve, but he’s crazy when it comes to that. Stein and I walked a 8km loop. Not very far, but still. It was very nice, and my skis behaved fairly well, so I enjoyed it. The rest of the day was just spent, I didn’t do anything in particular. “Doing nothing” is something I think I have learnt this Easter. It’s nice to be able to, though one shouldn’t do it too much.

I was also in amazingly good shape considering the amount of wine we consumed on Thursday, 9 bottles on six people, and Eirik and I were responsible for at least the last 3 litre cardboard box. Excellent and enough food, so it was just nice to sit around talking and drinking wine. I should do that more. Missed Karianne a lot, but suddenly I got an SMS from her. They had left the LARP because Bodil became fairly ill. They left for Eirik’s parents’ cabin close to the Swedish border. I called and talked with Karianne for a while and she seemed to be in good shape, and Bodil was more ok as well then, so I was a bit calmed by that.

Saturday we were on a short, short, short ski trip on the hill beside the cabin. It’s tradition to go up there and make a fire and roast hot dogs on it. For the first time, we brought beer, which was nice. The trip is very short, fairly suitable for a four-year old, but nice nonetheless. I got a bit out of shape in the afternoon, since I did not get my afternoon nap. Tulle, Pierre and Lea came over with Tulle’s most excellent cake. I can’t really describe it, but it’s the most wonderful cake I have ever tasted, as usual. (She has made it for the last few years at least, and it’s always a success.) Dinner was good, but I didn’t feel too good, so I went to bed early. Talked with Karianne for quite a while as well.. I missed her like crazy then, but then it was only eighteen hours until I were to see her.

Easter day we discovered that the Easter bunny had been around and put eggs all over the living room, as it usually does on Easter day. We spent a while tracking them down, but it was fun. Stein and I left fairly early in the day. yiwaz (my laptop) wasn’t too well, so I gave up reading at some point. We used a lot of time for getting into Oslo, and I wasn’t at my mother’s until nearly 1600. She wasn’t home, so I just popped out again and gave Karianne a call. She being at Bodil’s, I asked her to walk in my direction and we’d just meet up. I think I closer to ran than walked from Adamstuen to nearly Carl Berner’s Plaza, which is a good fifteen-twenty minutes walk. (At my speed, which means it’s about three kilometres.)

Seeing her walking towards me felt good. Very, very good. I had missed her a lot, probably a lot more than I’ll be able to explain in mere words. It felt like a knut untied itself inside me and warmth flowed into all my limbs. Good, happy feeling.

We walked over to Bodil’s place where I was introduced to Live (a friend of Bodil’s) and Bodil’s -weasels- ferrets. (At least I think that’s the English term, they’re called “ildere” in Norwegian.
(Of course, they weren’t called weasels, but ferrets, so I’ve corrected it now)) Called “Skade” (damage) and “Simpel” (simple), they were amazingly cool small animals running all over the place. I immediately though they were fun to play with, and they seemed to like me as well. Live was interesting to talk to, even though most of her attention was concentrated at the Playstation game “Black Chronicle”. Karianne and I were fairly affectionate as well so I think we kinda pushed her into it as well, but she was told to complain if we bothered her, something which she did not.

Karianne and I met up with a friend of her, Hallvard, on Monday. He was an interesting guy to talk to, and lived just next door, so we got invited up to his place as well, where he showed us a couple of short films. Lots of small, technical stuff to pick on, but fun and interesting films nonetheless. After that, we walked over to Bodil’s again, where Live had left (for a family party), so we had to sit on the stairs until Bodil and Eirik came home from the cabin. It didn’t take long, just a few minutes.

Bodil was in terrible shape. She was tired, and you could see that she had problems enough walking. She managed the stairs surprisingly well, though and was told to sit down and ask people to help her instead of doing stuff herself. She seemed to brighten up a bit when Simpel and Skade ran all over the place, but was still tired and worn down.

Karianne and I were invited to dinner at my mother’s so we walked over there, ate and had a good time before returning by tram. We walked by a 7-11 store and picked up “Prozac Nation” and a bottle of soda pop. Eirik went out for some flour in order to make pizza. While he was making the pizza, Bodil had a small setback and Karianne and she decided to go outside to catch some air and I think also to shield me. As the pizza was finished, Eirik SMS-ed Karianne wondering if they were to come back soon. Karianne called and asked us to come down and help get Bodil inside. We ran down and helped her get back inside and again tried to calm her a bit.

The pizza was good, though not the movie. The reason for the movie sucking wasn’t the movie maker’s, but the shop’s. The DVD was scratched and no amount of cleansing could convince the player otherwise. So, we watched about half the film and I want to see the rest soon, the parts I saw were interesting and I want to view to rest of it.

Instead, we played a game of carcassone (that’s spelt wrongly, but I hope somebody will tell me the correct spelling.. Which Karianne later did.), which was fun. I haven’t played it before, but managed to finish second. We went to sleep fairly quickly afterwards. I slep light and not too much, but it was good nonetheless.

Tuesday morning, I read comics until Karianne woke up. Made breakfast for her and Bodil before we walked Bodil over to the psychiatrist. We walked for the first part of the way, but in the end, she was so tired she couldn’t stand on her feet so at first Karianne and I carried her between us before I took her alone, since it was easier for me that way. Luckily, it wasn’t very far, since even though she’s not that heavy, carrying a fully-grown person takes a bit of effort.

Karianne kept Bodil company while I left for work to pick up an UPS (uninterruptible power supply, small but heavy box) and some sheets of paper. As a bonus, I picked up a fan for my AMD64 system, so I can play with that if I have the energy when I get home. I went to my mother’s to pick up my stuff before heading off for the train. Like my brother had told me earlier, there is wireless coverage in my mother’s apartment, probably from a neightbour or something. So I managed to download most of my email after a tiny bit of wiggling about. (I guessed at free IPs and managed to pick one which was in use.)

The UPS tried to kill me a few times on my way to the train, both on the tram and after that. Met up with Karianne at the station and had a nice goodbye there. (She’s staying behind looking after Bodil until Friday the latest, and yes, I already miss her.)

I have discovered that NSB’s comfort tickets are an excellent idea. They cost 75 NOK more than ordinary tickets (that is, they cost whatever you usually pay, green tickets, student discounts, whatever, plus 75 NOK). For that, you get less noise (Hanne and I had the misfortune of sitting in the children’s compartment when leaving Oslo last Easter), free tea, coffee and papers. Most importantly, you get a power socket so you can blog or read or hack or whatever on your laptop all the six to seven hours it takes to get from Oslo to Trondheim or the other way around. Excellent, I say.

I wish Karianne could have come back to Trondheim now, but, well, she couldn’t because of Bodil, and I both understand and respect that. We had a great time for the few days in Oslo, and I’ll see her Saturday the latest. It feels a lot shorter, and I’ll be busy in Trondheim as well until then.

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