Easter preparations
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I’m not 100% sure when I blogged last time, and since vawad is a bit ill, this entry might be a weird. I guess you’ll bear with me.

Wednesday was spent coding, reading and being bored. Nothing much happened, except Kristian and Gunhild arrived at some point in the evening, and so did Vigdis. We ate a decent dinner, though not really according to my standards. (I was responsible for the food, but it didn’t work out as well as I hoped it would.)

Thursday was a bit more eventful.. Kristian tore down two trees using the chainsaw, he cut one to pieces and chopped it as well, but left the other one for me to cut and chop. I did so in the early afternoon.

Before that, I read quite a bit, and talked a little with Karianne. While talking with her, I suddenly realized both how much I miss her. I miss her absolutely like crazy and want to see her NOW. I also realized how much I care about her. It just feels right with us two. Got an SMS from her as “time in” manifested itself.. I won’t see or hear anything from her until Saturday the earliest, probably Sunday.

I slept a bit before dinner, and what a dinner. Long, nice dinner with both decent amounts of food (I at for an hour after the others had finished), a nice dessert (for Vigdis’ birthday last Monday) and a lot of wine. Eirik and I ended spending a lot of time arguing and talking about various stuff until all the others went to bed at some point. Really nice evening.

Yeah, as you might have guessed, Eirik and Hanne arrived by car in the early afternoon, and Stein some hours later. Nice seeing all of them again.

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