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I’ve been in Hemsedal now for a few days. Sunday was snowy, and I got a bit further on the software architecture project. Luckily, we had to deliver then, so I got it out of the way. I understand why I don’t like Java.. too many classes in order to do anything.

Didn’t do much at all Sunday, just programmed, programmed and programmed. Talked a bit with Karianne on IRC, which was nice. I miss her a lot, luckily it’s less than a week until I see her again.

I hacked C on Monday, for the experts in team project. It was fairly nice to be doing that again, and I discovered why I don’t like C too much: no classes, so all has to be done in functions without namespaces. Sucks, but sucks less than Java.

I spent some time outdoors, reading as well. Finished the book “Kunnskapsregimer - Debatten om De Nasjonale Strateger”, which was good. Interesting views on an interesting book. I don’t think I’ll write anything resembling a review of it, though. I have been reading it for too long, need to concentrate my reading a bit for the time to come.

Spent some more time today (Monday) talking with Karianne. She is having a good time in Oslo, but getting tired, so I am a little worried about her, but it will probably work itself out just fine.

Not too much interesting happening, which is a good thing, my body has become a lot less tense in the last few days, and I hope I’ll be able to relax more in the coming days. Getting lots of sleep is also nice.

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