Long day.
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Woke up at about 10:30, after something like 9 hours of sleep. You might know that I haven’t slept too much lately (like, for the last few months), so this was a nice change of pace. Got up, had a shower and ate breakfast with my father. It was still fairly good weather, but the forecast was snow. I decided to stay at home while he went skiing in the woods. Played with another Cisco router, this time a 775. Didn’t get it to do what I wanted, and I got tired at some point, so I went to bed and caught a few hours of sleep. Also talked a little bit with Karianne.. it was good to hear hear voice and laughter again.

At some point , I woke up, and after a bit of murmelizing, I got up. My father came home at about the same time, and I unpacked some goods from the grocery store before playing some more with the Cisco, this time too without luck.

Before dinner, Karianne phoned again. We talked for about 15 minutes about everything and nothing; she seems to be doing fine in Oslo, though we miss each other. Ate dinner, steak, in celebration of Vigdis’ birthday. Nice food and nice wine. Father and I sat around talking about life, the universe and everything for a while until he went to bed at about 01:00 or thereabouts. It was very nice to talk with him again, it’s been a while. I think some of the subjects we talked about were the political situation in Israel/Palestine, how I had viewed the breakup between him and my mother, how last Christmas (and in some parts, the one before that) had been. All in all, a lot of “feeling” talks.. It was nice, though.

When he went to bed, I hacked a bit more on the Java project, it moves forward, albeit slowly, and I will have to hack more on it tomorrow. Sleep now, even though I’m not that tired.

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