Lazy day
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Today has been a lazy day, even though it started out at full speed. Woke up at about half past seven, got up, had a shower and some breakfast. Checking the progression of my parcel with both an AMD64 system and (more importantly, actually) a couple of hard drives for the backup server at work, I discovered both that they had fixed the tracking system and that the parcel was at the local post office. Went over and picked it up, walking home with a bunch of butterflies in my stomach. Talked a little bit with Matt Taggart about the talk proposal for Debconf4, and he agreed with my proposal.

Of course, I had forgotten to order any way to cool the system, so I will have to look into that over Easter, but I did at least get the two hard drives. They were promptly installed into the backup server and a new backup run begun.

Lecture, in which I fell asleep, shame on me. (Even more shame on me since I made the lecturer, Anders, a bit unsure on whether it was him who was boring. It wasn’t, it is just that I’m unable to concentrate for 45 minutes straight, so I doze off.) A very nice and short meeting at work on IRC, mostly status updates, before another short lecture. Talked a bit with the others in my Software Architecture group there and we divided the work a bit.

Karianne needed a fair bit of support during the day, I sensed something was wrong from the time she got on IRC in the morning (which was confirmed by her a few minutes later anyhow), so I kept close to her and we managed to talk through a lot of stuff. Relationships are hard, and it’s not helping that she has to take medicines to function fairly well. It’s nobody’s fault, but it places an extra pressure on the relationship. I’m confident that we will be able to work through it, though, which is a very, very good feeling. We had dinner at my place, and Magni came over to pick up my flowers, so she’ll take care of them during Easter. Thanks!

I awalked Karianne to the bus at about eleven, then walked back home. Talked a bit with both her and others on IRC before she went to bed. Managed to finally mail the abstract to the organizing committee. Just going to organize some final things before heading off for Oslo tomorrow, and a long-needed vacation. I’ll miss people, especially Karianne, though.

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