Procrastination and beer
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Woke up a bit early, but managed to sleep a bit more, which is a good thing. I think my body might be chilling out now and trying to catch up on the sleep I’ve missed in the last two months. Yay.

Went to the university after breakfast. An acquitance from Webdeal called and wondered about Debian and AMD64, and I told him roughly the status, but agreed to give him some hints on biarch stuff. Went two floors up and worked a bit with Truls on the software architecture project. I’m getting immensely good at procrastinating when it comes to that. I don’t like the project, I don’t Java. Of course, I should just pull my act together and hack through it, but I haven’t arrived at that point just yet.

Met Karianne downtown a bit late (she called me twice and sent me two SMS-es.. Yes, bad conscience, I think I’ll have to repay that somehow later). She was going to go role-playing at HÃ¥kon’s, but we wanted to see each other. Also met Alexander and another guy whose name I can’t remember. Karianne bought some sweets and stuff at the grocery store. I had a milkshake at the Burger King across the street, she had a small burger. When she left with the bus, I biked home and had some food before catching a nap.

The nap was a tad longer than planned, so I nearly managed to miss a beer appointment with Tore (sjonkel) at Trondheim Microbrewery. Called him, then walked over. We had a nice time, talking about everything and nothing. Rander, Gagatan, Magne and Gustav were two tables away, but I felt like just chatting with Tore, so I decided not to wave to much to them. They came over as the place was closing up, Magne was drunk and trying to hit on me, just like only Magne is able to, but it was nice nevertheless.

Walked home and discovered that my love had gone to bed (by looking on IRC), she’s tired and will need attention tomorrow, so I’ll see how much sleep I’m able to catch now.

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