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Friday was spent a bit on hacking the software architecture project. At least the few first hours of the day. Then there was a lot of food to be prepared; I was responsible for making the pasta and some meat dough which was to be prepared a bit. It only took about four hours to get all the pasta cooked, and I was tired when we finished. Met up with my cousin Torstein who called me on Thursday and wanted a place to stay for the night and walked him over to my place, including giving him a key. Went back to the university for a campus rally. It was nice, but tiring, we finished at about 23:30.

Saturday was also mostly spent cooking, we made a huge amount of lasagne and waffles for lunch. We were only in one lecture, Ingrid Melve’s; she talked about FEIDE, a national infrastructure for managing identities. I was responsible for this year’s NUCCC keysigning, after which I walked with maswan back to the school were people slept (and now, they were changing into partying mode). Went home, had a shower and changed clothes. The arrival for the party was about right, not too long until we sat down for dinner. I kept my right seat free, since Karianne hadn’t arrived yet, and had Demona (Agnes) at my left side. Demona happened to be the lead singer as well, so I got to exercise my lungs, which was fun, as usual.

Karianne arrived in the middle of the first part of the meal, a bit stressed out, but she calmed down. All the food was good, both the appetizer, the main course and the dessert. Afterwards, it was coffee and (for me) a whisky. Nice and calming. Talked a bit with Alexander (Int19h) about religion, both my view on the world and Christianity. Danced a bit with Karianne and the others during the night, even though most of the music wasn’t too dancable. I’m sorry that Marianne (wa-ho) had to leave so early, else it’d have been fun to dance with her.

Demona was nice and drove Karianne and me home. Woke up a bit late for the NUCC meeting on Sunday, so I managed not to get elected to anything. Met up with maswan, nikke and stric, though, and ate waffles and had a nice time. Some others were there as well. Went up to Karianne’s and fell asleep on her sofa. Woke up to waffles and ice cream. I’m just becoming more and more confident that she’s good for me, she’s kind and caring and is one of the very, very few people who are able to slow me down when I’m stressed out, even when I don’t realize I am that myself. Worked a bit on my leather shoes, which are coming into shape now, and half-watched Charlie’s Angels (which I’ve seen a few times before).

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