Looking forward.
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Yesterday was busy, as I thought it would be. Lecture, work, having to remove a broken hard drive from vawad. After all this, I was at PVV for a little while together with Karianne. I was, naturally, a bit stressed, but she did an excellent job of calming me down. She had to go do an assigment, while I had to send the hard drive back to the store, so we parted company for a little while. I then used an hour or so more at PVV doing various random stuff before heading over and helping her a bit with her assignment and complaining about the b0rken setup of X and stuff in one of the computer labs. After a bit, I managed to get a proper keymap loaded, so I started mailing the SAs instead. My cousin Torstein also called, he’s coming to town tomorrow and wanted to meet up and say hi in addition to wanting to lend a bed for tonight. He’ll give me a call later today.

Had a meeting at Samfundet, with dinner. Sesse, Øystein and Mari were present, we discussed the work system for UKA05, which I’m more or less the project lead for. Had a nice talk about everything afterwards, and Ingvild also showed up. Also arranged for us having lunch today, will be nice.

Biked up to Karianne’s. The sky was beautiful with a bunch of stars up, the moon was up and the sun had just set, so the skyline was glowing. She was a bit angry at some people organizing HexCon, since they hadn’t done as much as they should. After a bit of food and doing something besides staring at a computer screen, she calmed down a bit. So did I, even though I had had three cups of coffee, which is usually enough to get me quite jumpy. I realized again how much I care about her.. I hope I won’t ever stop doing that. She also has my utmost respect for a bunch of her standpoints.

Went home not too late, the router had died when I got home. An fsck and a reboot later, it was fine. Put a bunch of laundry for the drying before going to bed. I didn’t feel sleepy, so I read about thirty pages in my current book. About fifty pages left, so I should be through sometime during the weekend, I guess.

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