Busy, full day.
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Woke up by myself after about six hours of sleep.. I don’t know what it feels like to sleep eight hours any more. Hopefully, I’ll catch up during Easter. Went to the university where I actually got some productive work done. I managed to get gstreamer to compile, which is good. I also requested an RMA on one of the disks in the backup server which I house at Samfundet.. it’s broken, and so we’re a bit short on backup.

Karianne installed Debian on a new computer of hers with only a tiny bit of assistance from me. She then came down to the university and we talked a bit. I’m so in love with her; it’s impossible to describe. She was supposed to meet up with a friend downtown, but he had to postpone it a bit, so she went back home when I left for Samfundet. I picked up Gunhild’s laptop on the way, which runs windows 98, in order to get the wireless card working.

The meeting at Samfundet was long and tiring, but somewhat productive as well, so I’m not complaining too loudly. Went directly from there to the dance session. Fun, as usual, and I feel a lot more confident now than I did in the beginning. I am also beginning to be able to actually hear the beats, which is a very good thing when you’re dancing.

Back to Samfundet. I had forgotten the power adapter for the laptop in the meeting room, so I went over there and picked it up; met Vidar there who was fighting with one of the MP3 machines we have around. It was slow. I managed to speed it up by a factor of three or so using ugly tricks, which helped a bit, but it was still too slow.

Back at ITK, I wrestled with said laptop. It did work out in the end but took about 1.5 hours instead of the 20 minutes it should have taken. VPN client also installed. And people wonder why I like Linux and Debian and not Windows? Especially Windows 98 is bad, and it doesn’t get any better by having to work on a slow laptop.

Went home afterwards, postponing the hard drive removal for tomorrow.

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