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Weekstart. Taste the word. Just like weekend, only opposite. Monday had a slow start. I got up at some point, and since I didn’t have any food, I talked with Magni on IRC and invited myself over for some breakfast. We had a nice, long breakfast and talked a bit afterwards. Went home, then to the university to meet up with Karianne. (Everything seems centered around her lately, I wonder why. ;)

We went down to Samfundet, sat around for a little while, talking. The power went away at some point, which coincided when she had to leave. Nobody fixed any power to the switches, so the UPS ran out of power. I thought it too silly, so I went off and found some power cable, and after a little while, managed to get som power to the UPS and the network booted again. The main file server seemed to have crashed, for some reason. Booted it.

Karianne wasn’t in too good shape when she left, so we talked a bit on IRC, and since I couldn’t concentrate and I wanted to talk to her, I biked up and we ended up talking a lot. It helped, both for her and me. Got home not too late, went to bed.

Tuesday started with a trip to IKEA with steinarh and Magni. Nice trip, except I was too hungry. I bought a bunch of stuff, and I think I know what kind of furniture I want to use to hold my stereo and such. A tad expensive, but it’ll work itself out.

Dropped off the stuff at home, then I rode with Magni to PVV where I attended a meeting at work (IRC meetings are nice). Went to a lecture in software architecture afterwards. Back to PVV and then home with Karianne. I also talked a little with Hanne, which was nice.

We had some chicken, rice and vegetables for dinner. Nice food. She had to go to an appointment with her psychologist before we met up with Sesse and then off to DDR. Marianne, Kathrine and Erling were already there. I still suck a lot at DDR, but getting better each time, and it’s fun.

We were tired as we got to my place, so we didn’t do anything, just calmed ourselves down and talked about everything. I also showed her the furniture I had looked at IKEA. She left with the last bus.

I’m quite tired now.. both from DDR and from general exhaustion because I’ve been silly with regards to eating and such: Chocolate and soda are not replacements for proper food. I’ll fix this in the coming days, I think.

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