Sunday, lazy day
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Woke up, then happened to wake Karianne, which I didn’t intend to. She made me an account on her box, venus, so I sat around having a very nice and lazy Sunday. She woke up after a few hours and we had some breakfast. Sat around talking for some hours before she finally managed to kick me out so I could go home and upgrade the mail server t work. I did, and of course I managed to break it in the process (it only received mail and did local deliveries, no remote deliveries).

Talked to Hanne and told her about Karianne and me. She was happy for us, which I was immensely glad to see, and I hope things will be a bit easier between us in the time to come.

Went dancing afterwards, it was fun, but I was stiff, tired and sore from moving all the timber, so I left a bit early. Decided to see if Ingvild and Øystein were home. They were, so I dropped by. They were happy as well, and I watched them and Tora play Settlers of Catan (they were well on their way when I got there, so it was fine with me). Had a beer and a glass of wine. I think I spoiled Ingvild’s form. (She keeps threatening me with this imaginary form with questions such as “have you gotten yourself a girlfriend lately” and so on..)

Went home about midnight, then chatted a bit with Karianne before she went to bed. Tore threw me a message on IRC, so we ended up chatting a bit before I fell asleep over the keyboard. Literally. I woke up at six o’clock with an error message in my emacs complaining that I had overflowed a stack used for syntax highlighting. Went to bed and got myself a bit more sleep.

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