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Woke up next to Karianne, at 05:30. We talked a bit, and just before the alarm clock went off, we kissed. I was so happy the clock didn’t go off 30 seconds before.. I made a fire so we had some breakfast a bit later. We went outside and started to help move a lot of timber. In The Village proper, I saw a tent (a lavvo, actually) which wasn’t in too good shape, having been pulled down by the snow during the winter. I decided to excavate it while the other moved some other snow for the timber. It took a few hours, but I think the tent will make it. At the end of the day, we were about finished and my hands were tired and scratched. I had managed to not kill myself, even though I scared most of the others at one point where I fell backwards and into a pile of boards. It made a lot of noise, but I only just grazed my left elbow.

We drove back to Trondheim, I got off at home, caught a shower before biking off to Karianne’s. The three of us went to Håkon’s for a birthday party. Was very nice, even though I was dead tired. Magni looked a bit tired (she was a bit sick, still) but very curious on whether anything had happened between Karianne and me. I gave her an update but asked her not to tell the world until I had talked with Hanne, just out of courtesy and good manners.

Had some nice chats with Håkon, he’s a very interesting person. Also, I was fascinated at the level of geekiness among the role players present. Not computer geekiness, role player geekiness.

Went home with Karianne at midnight, we sat around talking for a while, and I’m getting more and more fond of her as time passes.. We are different, but we have a mutual respect for each other’s viewpoints and beliefs, which is crucial.

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