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Woke up after too little sleep, about four hours. Went to a lecture in Systems Administration, which was good, but I was sleepy and getting hungry. I wanted to get some paperwork done, but I had to wait until the 12:15 to do it, because of a stupid office only being open from 12:15 to 15:45.. Anyhow, I fixed a few formalities before heading home and getting dressed for the trip to the woods.

Thomas and Karianne picked me up at home and we drove first to a gas station on the other side of the town. There, we me up with a truck which we were to follow. On the way to The Village, we discovered that the outer right wheel on the truck was moving disturbingly much. Fifteen minutes later, we stopped and discovered that three of five bolts were very loose. We tightened them and washed the lights on the backside of the truck (they were covered in mud, which is a bad thing when you are driving behind said vehicle).

As we left the main road for the last kilometer or so up to the village, the road was covered with snow. We decided to put chains on the truck’s wheels. The left one was easy, apparently, but the right wheel was hard to fix. I had never done it before, but together with the others, I managed to fix it. While doing this, I had this good feeling of actually doing something and using my hands and body, not just punching a keyboard.

We managed to drive most of the way up to the turning spot and parking place, but the truck threw the chains on the left wheel somewhere along the way, so we stopped a few hundred meters short. It was already getting darker. We pitched the tent, which took a while due to it getting dark and nobody being in charge. I decided to stay inside and help getting the center about straight. As a nice bonus, Karianne was also there, so we stood in the darkness, talking softly and holding hands.. Nice. A few more people arrived, and I started having problems remembering all the names. I think the ones who came were Line, Cecilie, Helge and Espen, though I might very well misremember. I’ve probably also forgotten some people.

Line and Cecilie made dinner, which was good, before we dozed off in the tent, now warm and cozy. Karianne had brought her huge sheep, so we had out sleeping bags on that. We also had the nicest place in the whole tent, opposite the entrance, and completely flat.

I woke a few times during the night.. one time about one hour after I had fallen asleep. I was so sure the others had pulled a prank on me and turned me around. I fumbled around with my feet and discovered they hadn’t, which caused me to relax. Slept a bit unrestful the rest of the night, watching over Karianne in my sleep.

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