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Tuesday was good, I was to a lecture, then in the afternoon I ate dinner with Karianne. Pancakes. Thomas came over and we sat around hacking clothing and shoes, he for a LRP next weekend or something, Karianne for something during Easter, I actually finished the first shoe I was working on during the night. It was good to sit there and talk, undestanding each other. The only problem was I got home far too late, so I overslept on Wednesday. Still, I was tired the whole Wednesday. Went to sleep on a sofa on PVV, which was good, except it was too bright and too hot there. Woke up, then five minutes passed and Anders called me. I met up with him and had a chat, I think it helped a bit. Was at Samfundet for a few hours before heading off for Lindy Hop. I love dancing, it’s soo much fun.

Went to sleep early, at about 0100, read a little before walking off into la-la land. I need to sleep more and not sap myself so hard. I wonder when I’ll actually learn that..

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