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Woke up at 0700, then crawled around in bed for an hour before getting up a little after eight. I was tired. Sat around on IRC, got some food and chatted a little before heading off for a meeting I had forgotten. We weren’t very productive, I didn’t manage to concentrate, so I was mostly IRC-ing and fixing more mail server. I am beginning to hate the upgrade from Exim 4.12 to 4.30; a lot of the configuration files in the Debian package have been moved, so the configuration is mostly broken. Luckily, I am hacking at this on my test server and not my production mail server.

Went to Samfundet with Gunhild afterwards, had dinner, some salmon, which was good, but it wasn’t enough food. The chocolate cake at Edgar was excellent, as usual. I managed to convince Magne to come over, as he had promised earlier in the day, so we hacked the door. Quite fun. I was supposed to go to IKEA with Magni, but due to a misunderstanding, we didn’t go. We have a deal to go next Tuesday, in the morning, though.

Now I’m tired and want to sleep: tomorrow will be fun, I think. Looking forward to it already.

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