Mail servers and friends.
1 minute read

Today has been spent getting my mail server at Samfundet to have greylisting, trying to get the mail server at work working with a backported exim4 from unstable and with friends.

Greylisting was fairly easily implemented; it took a few hours because I don’t know my way around pg_hba.conf and the exim docs could use a better index. I didn’t manage to finish upgrading exim on the test server at work before heading off for some dinner. Afterwards, I went to Karianne where we sat around chatting and making shoes for a LRP in August. Fun. I’m tired, and I should be a bit more careful about wearing her out, she hasn’t recovered completely from the coughing and such. Hopefully, she’ll be ok again soon. It’s amazing how fast we’ve become good friends, and I’m really enjoying getting to know her better. Now it’s off to bed and up in about four hours for some physics in the morning, and a trip to IKEA with Magni. Fun.

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