Wednesday; Thursday; dance and dinner
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Wednesday was spent working on the experts in team proejct. Fun enough, I hope we’re coming into shape soon. We’ll probably be using gstreamer as our architectural basis. After doing that, I went down to Samfundet, had some dinner at Sesam, before fumbling about for a few hours. Went dancing, and what a dance session. It was the most interesting dance session I’ve been to. Learned a lot, and had tremendous amounts of fun. Danced a bit with a girl afterwards, it was fun. Fell asleep on my laptop.

Thursday was spent first discussing some Kerberos and LDAP issues with the System Administration course and the rest of the groups. Spent some time at PVV to fix up some more Kerberos issues and get it integrated with LDAP. Worked after a while, when I finally fixed some syntax issues.

Went over to P15, another building and met up with Karianne. I helped her a little bit with a programming assignment. Most of my help was on the form of asking questions. She managed to debug the code after a little while. We then sat around, talking about live roleplaying for a while before heading off to my place. I had to wash some dishes in order to actually be able to see my kitchen, so I did that and we talked. Made some dinner afterwards: chicken and rice with some vegetables in a wok. Quite good. Sat around until about 22:00, when she had to leave.

We had a good and long talk about everything. She’s a really, really nice girl, open and friendly. She also has lots of interesting thoughts, thoughts which challenge some of my conceptions, which is good. I’m looking forward to seeing her more, and I’m very happy I have found a friend like her.

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