Busy, busy
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Been too busy to post to my blog for the last few days. First, it was Sunday where we finished the cabling stuff we were going to do in the weekend. I’m often amazed at how little space I need to get in places; 50cm between the floor and ceiling is plenty of space. 35cm is getting tight, especially when the floor is strewn with nails, rocks, wooden parts and generally is a bit rough. So my underarms are all cut up, but we did finish what we started. Good, good.

Sunday evening was spent dancing; I had the courage to ask a few girls to dance, and it’s so much fun. I am also getting better and am sometimes able to hear the beats of the music. Dancing when not hearing when one period starts and it ends is kinda hard. Dad also called me, so we had a little chat, and Anders (akai) dropped by when I got home. Nice visit, and I was invited for dinner on Friday.

Also talked a bit more with Karianne, we decided to meet on Thursday and hang out together. She is fun to talk to, so I’m looking forward to it.

My server, vawad, died sometime during the night. I woke up too early (since I had slept something like nine hours during the weekend and six more the night before Monday) and wandered off to Samfundet. A reboot with an fsck fixed the problem, so hopefully it was just a glitch of some sort. Fell asleep on the couch at Samfundet, slept for about half an hour. Went up to the university, worked at the project in Software Architecture for a few hours; went over to PVV where I spent a little time sulling about; didn’t get any real work done.

Øystein, Magnus and I had a meeting with the leader of UKA05 and had a very constructive discussion on how to do IT services for them. Worked a bit on various random projects before going home at half past eleven. Once home, I started working on the TDT4285 project, putting in support so we can now check the dotfiles for vaffel and acme out of subversion. Also changed the domains from the nice-looking ii.ntnu.no to the stupidly ugly tdt4285.idi.ntnu.no.

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