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I was so tired last night that I couldn’t even bring up the strength to write up a blog entry. Yesterday was nice, most of the day was spent cleaning up my apartment, then I had Agnes, Ingvild, Øystein and Bjørn-Ove for dinner in the evening. Very, very nice.

I ended up in a longer and more serious IRC conversation than I first understood, but it worked out very well, and I see the seeds of a friendship as a result of that chat. I do care, I care a lot about people around me, even those which may think I don’t because they think I have no reason to. I went to bed too late, somewhere after 01:00.

Today, Friday was even more tiring. Went to the university and thought I was going to have a mid-term at 10:00. Of course, it wasn’t until 13:00 (which I was told by chance by a friend of mine at 12:40). Most of the rest of the day was spent sitting in a server room trying to fix Samfundet’s backup server. It just would not boot, until I fiddled around enough in the BIOS to make it.

Went home afterwards, made dinner. Will try to catch some sleep before the concert this evening. I actually managed to get in touch with akai so he’s joining me as well. Will be nice.

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