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As always, I woke up. Today a little before nine. Food, then I went off for university. I actually was there even though I wasn’t supposed to meet anybody or anything. I wrote up most of my suggestion for a development plan for UKA05, a student- and cultural festival. I hope it’ll be accepted; we’ll have a meeting about it on Monday. At about 1200, I went down to the local hospital to feed the vampires. (I’m a blood donor.) My blood vessels are quite good, so the blood left my body a bit quickly, which left me dizzy. The nurses were a bit worried, but I was fine.

Went over to Samfundet afterwards, where I sat and fixed some minor stuff before heading off to the weekly IT committee meeting. Nothing exciting. My father called, so I started helping him with the Cisco 803 router at home (over a too slow DSL line with VNC. VNC is bloody slow.)

I almost forgot to go dancing, but once there, it was tremendous amounts of fun, as always. Went home with Øystein afterwards, then hung about on IRC a little.

Good day.

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