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I’m tired today. Got a full eight hours of sleep, which mean getting up at about 11:00. Breakfast, got dressed and off to the university for a meeting in the software architecture class. A bit boring, especially since a bunch of us weren’t properly prepared. IRC meeting with work interrupted this. The meeting took about double the amount of time it was supposed to, but apart from that, went fairly well. Also got some other minor things fixed up.

Gunhild had some problems with her windows system doing weird stuff. Actually, it was lilo being a bit too smart for its own well-being, but.. Fixed it, eventually. Also helped her fix some minor other annoyances with the system. Then went down to Eirik Refdal’s for some waffles. He’s good at making waffles. Really, really good.

Then went back to the university, where we hacked on the System administration project, and I discovered (again) that OpenSSH sucks. A lot, at least on FreeBSD. I was totally unable to get it to use Kerberos for authentication. Telnet, even encrypted telnet worked just fine.

Went a short trip down to Mari’s before heading home. Extremely tired, going to get lots of sleep before meeting the vampires tomorrow.

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