Eventful day
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Woke up at 09:10, after four hours of sleep. Because of lack of sleep, my day has been a bit more tiring than I intended it to be. First, I was at an workshop in Max/MSP, which is some sort of a drag-and-drop programming environment. Since I’m a programmer myself, I first unconciously tried to fend it off as a toy, but it was actually fun to work with, and even though I don’t think it scales very well. I might be very wrong, though.

There’s a GPL-ed variant of Max available as Pure-Data. Its user interface is less polished, but it seems to contain a lot of the functionality. I hacked a bit on it to get it to compile. (It’s not C99 clean.)

Went home a bit early, caught some sleep, woke up on the sofa, with my feet freezing. It took about 15 minutes to get them into a somewhat-usable state, then I went down to the shop and bought the meat for Thursday’s dinner.

I then decided to go to samfundet, which was nice. Helped Gunhild install Linux on her laptop, and installed MS Windows 98 on my brother’s girlfriend’s laptop (whose is also name Gunhild) and MS Office 2000. Also got a new kernel on vawad, now with DMA to the hard drives connected to the mainboard.

The fire alarm went off just before I was finished installing, so I stood around for a while longer than intended, but it was ok. Went home afterwards, and then I’m off to bed.

When walking home the last few days, I have been feeling a bit uneasy. There is something bothering me, but I am not sure I know what it is. I hope I’ll discover soon, so it can be remedied; it’s making me even more tired.

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