Hardware. Eww.
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I hate hardware. It doesn’t work. It breaks, it refuses to bow to my commands, unlike software. I got a motherboard in the mail yesterday, so I put that into vawad, together with a new CPU. The first CPU I put in didn’t work. The second one worked, but I can’t use more than two of the three slots for memory, since else the hard drives get in the way. My cable for one of the cabinet fans is too short, so I’m one fan short. In addition, it’s an nForce2 card, and since I don’t want to run with closed-source drivers, I ended up putting my old 3com card into the box. Works fair enough.

After getting vawad online, Gagatan and I went shopping for food for tomorrow. It will be enough and good food. The menu is a secret, still, so it will be revealed later

Back at the student society. Tried to get the mipsel board working, but without any luck. I couldn’t get the serial port to give me anything, so I’ll have to work more on that tomorrow.

Got home and did the dishes. Dinner was pancakes, and Magni came over. We had a nice time, talking about life, the universe and everything, as always. I love having her here, we have lots of interesting discussions and she is fun to talk to.

As a nice side note: for the first time in about a month, I managed to sleep for eight hours tonight. It was so nice; I really, really needed that. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get something equivalent tonight.

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