Productive day.
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Today has been a most productive day. Woke up fairly early, at around 0830. Ate some food after a little while. On my way to the university, I went by the student society and picked up a few CDs and a mainboard at the post office.

Delivered a film to get it developed when I got to campus, then went to the machine room for the System administration course and discovered that our KDC was dog slow. After a while, I discovered that the CPU internal cache was turned off. Turning it off fixed the problem.

Got a call from the “Experts in teams” group, and went over to their place to discuss some minor things. Also helped them start using SVN, so we’ll only keep our documents in one place. Good.

I also managed to get an offer for a casing for the mipsel board, so I’ll hopefully get that online tomorrow or so. Also, I’ll try to fix Gunhild’s laptop and get the new motherboard installed in vawad. Will be fun, I guess.

In the evening, there was an election on who will be the next “UKA” leader. “UKA” is a huge festival (about 75 000 tickets sold last year). It was ok, and I went out to dance in the middle, so that was fun. Dancing is just joyful and makes me happy.

Got back to the student society, then went home. Tired and sleepy, but happy. Dancing is so fun, I wish I had discovered before.

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