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The last three weeks or so have been extremely exciting. My body has felt like it is on a mild dose of speed, which gets tiring after a while. The week in Spain was so much fun and I had a great time with great people, great food, great wine and lots and lots of funny discussions.

I won’t even try to summarize the whole conference, but it was fun. Got home again on Saturday evening, then went to a party/“promotion ceremony” at the Student Society, was home early, at about 0400. Nice and fun.

Sunday was spent at home, unpacking, mostly. Went out for a beer and such with Stine and her little sister in the evening. Was nice. Got home afterwards and fell asleep, exhausted.

Monday was spent in a computer lab, finishing up a lot of work for an architecture document to be turned in. Fairly ok, but I was dead tired after 13 hours in that lab.

On Tuesday we installed FreeBSD onto the two computers we’d gotten for the system administration course. One will be KDC, the other file server. Of course, the KDC had fine DMA, the file server did not have working DMA at all. We’ll have to work on that, somehow.

Afterwards, we went off and ate waffles at Eiriks, before going home and cleaning up both my apartment and getting some stuff mailed off. Also managed to write up a multiarch proposal, which I had been supposed to do since I came home from Malaga. Fairly productive, though I’m sleepy.

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