First day of OSWC
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Woke up at 0800. Got a shower and breakfast before walking off for the conference. There was quite a bunch of security out there. In the hall, there was a huge amount of people, but Keybuk and I managed to find the shortest queue with a “speaker” sign. From there on, I had wireless access, which was nice, even though the network had a bunch of routing- and stability problems.

We met up with Teo and his company, so we actually got some power and was able to charge the batteries a little before the opening speech with (among others) the Spanish Crown Prince. Due to some technical difficulties with the translation system, the opening speech was a bit delayed.

Of course, I had to work a bit, so I was on and off IRC all day to communicate with my workplace in Oslo. Ad server deciding to die, among the fun things that happened.

We had a Debian room, which was a nice base. However, it was too noisy in there to actually be able to have a talk or anything, so we ended up getting another room in the afternoon, and we’ll keep that for the rest of the week.

Lunch was an interesting affair. We got some tickets for this buffet, but the buffet was full (and we were a large group), so we actually ended up, somehow, getting tickets for the restaurant, where the food was really good and I sat with Bdale and talked for an hour or two. He’s a funny and interesting guy.

In the evening we walked back to the hostel, then further on to the hotel after a shower. Met up with people and went out to have some dinner. Tapas today as well. Nice wine, nice food. (And nice people, like always ;)

Among the productive Debian work I did was fixing the DELAYED queue (since it was broken, if only a little bit) and starting to hack on userdir-ldap to add IPv6 support to the zone. Also, I discussed around the biarch problem a bit. More to come, but this will be fun.

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