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Didn’t manage to find any network yesterday, so doing yesterday’s today. Woke up at 04:30, couldn’t sleep any more. IRCed a bit, went got some food, went to the airport by bus. Fairly uneventful trip, though I met pere, vidarb and mariwan at the plane. They sat ten seats ahead of me, so most of my time was spent reading, sleeping and looking out the window. A lot of Spain has trees on it. Ordered in square fields with all the lines being normal on each other. Weird; also saw some moire patterns in them. Even weirder.

Teo found me quite easily at the airport, since I was carrying my laptop around. Also met Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) there, and Teo drove us to the hostel. Nice place. Went downtown to the NH hotel to get some food and something to drink and ended up wandering around in Malaga center. Also had a small trip up to the fortress.

The night was spent first in an Irish pub (we met up with Colin Watson, Kamion, at the NH). Then we went to the hotel and met up with Bdale and tbm, had a drink and went out for dinner. Ate some tapas and had some very nice red wine-ish. Went to another Irish pub and drank some more before walking back home. Spain is extremely cheap.

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