Going to Spain tomorrow
1 minute read

Woke up at about 0700, read mail, went to school, worked on some physics, played around with SVN and DAV for a while until oyving, larseie, gartmann and eirikref showed up and we specced the file server/user administration system we’ll use. Went to a presentation of Atmel Norway, won a so called butterfly, which is a microcontroller with an LCD and lots of small geeky stuff. Bringing it to Spain. I also fell asleep during the presentation.

Went down to Samfundet, set up a few Kerberos accounts for bgrotan before heading home. Øystein and Ingvild came over to borrow a hacksaw, also had a bit of chocolate and tea with them.

Been packing since then. I am actually going to Spain tomorrow, and I’m so much looking forward to it. Fun, fun, fun.

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