Cabin trip with ITK.
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Today started at approximately 07:30 when my alarm clock had been beeping for the last 30 minutes. Woke up, didn’t have time for a shower, had no food for breakfast, so went to the university a little hungry. Were at a lecture in system administration, then met up with with Ingvild and Øystein at the university café. We had a fine time. Then went to a meeting with our customer in the Experts in Team project. Went fairly well, even though I had an argument with one of the others over why we do object-oriented programming instead of low-level stuff like assembly. This will be a fight at some point, I think.

Also, we had a discussion about CVS/Subversion, and I think I got at least some of my points through.. will be interesting, though.

ITK, the committee for Information Technology at Samfundet are on a trip now. We’re a few kilometers south of Trondheim and just finished with our dinner. The dinner was most excellent and engineered by Bjørn-Ove and partly by me. Øystein also helped out. People are sitting around playing cards and reading books or hacking some code. Relaxed and nice atmosphere. I really, really like this year’s crop of new ITK-ers. They are bright and work hard.

This will be a good weekend.

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