Thursday. Forgetful.
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I overslept my morning appointment today, which was a meeting with the vampires at the local hospital (to give blood). Have to call them tomorrow, I guess. Was at a lecture in system administration where we laid of some of the terms for the systems we are going to build. Our group got the “User administration and file serving” part, which will be fun, I guess. It was not the thing we wanted, but we feel confident that we’ll be able to do it. It’s user information and home directories to be served, we’ll probably use Kerberos for authentication, LDAP for user information, CIFS and NFS (with Kerberos auth.) for sharing.

After the lecture, I met up with Bjørn Ove and we went shopping for the trip this weekend. Shopped for about three hours, then went to akai’s and had some dinner and watched “Pirates of the Caribbean”, fun movie. Lars, Stein-Magnus and Jens-Ådne were also there. Walked home with Stein-Magnus and we ended up spending something closer to an hour discussing everything.

A bit tired and sleepy, but looking forward to the weekend.

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