Tired, but awake.
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Woke up after 3.5 hours of sleep. Went to Samfundet, where I picked up a ticket for a concert with, among others, Cypress Hill. Will be fun, and I figured akai wanted to come along. Also met Řystein and Ingvild and we walked up to the university together. Went to PVV and tried finding some small LCD monitors for the expert project, with limited luck. Went to a lecture in System Administration at 11, discussed the semester project there a bit, it seems like we’ll either be running a login server on the Hurd or an IPv6 only NetBSD-based firewall. Fun either way.

Then I went to a lecture in Software Architecture. Fun enough, though the lecturer is trying to get some responses from the class and it feels like I’m the only one answering. Also made some fuss about a dodgy requirement specification, though nothing big. Went home, made some dinner, then Magni asked if I wanted to come over for some buns and some coffee. Lars was also there; we had a nice time talking.

Got home and fixed a restore script for hardware.no, fairly simple stuff, but I’ve been meaning to do that since forever, so it was nice to get around to actually doing it.

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