Partying, dancing and a surprise visit
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Woke up sometime on Saturday, spent most of the day doing nothing until I /msg-ed akai and wondered if anything was going on that night. He didn’t have any plans, so he picked me up and we went to his place for some food, a film and some alcohol. We had a great time, watched this film about a bunch of American college students who were fucking up each other’s (and other’s) lives. Interesting concept, and I felt a bit at home in it due to the stuff happening in my life lately.

We left his home a bit late, but we managed to find a taxi and was at Samfundet before 00:00, which meant lots of party. We partied until about 08:00 in the morning when we both were dead tired. Walked home, slept until 13:00 or thereabouts. Woke up, wrote a new version of my version of tinyurl (in norwegian) since the old version had a few issues wrt privacy and long URLs. This version is in Perl instead of PHP, which means I can run it on my Apache 2 server. Nice.

Went to Samfundet for a burger; Sesam makes the best burgers, and as usual it was big and tasty. Thereafter I went dancing, met Alf and Marianne there, and danced a little bit. It’s very, very fun, even if I totally suck currently. Got a bit into the basic steps and circle and swingout. It’s soo much fun, I just can’t stop talking about it.

Got home, and was more or less planning on going to bed, then suddenly my phone started ringing. A friend of mine, whom I haven’t talked to for a long time asked if it was ok if he dropped by. “Sure”, I told him, and we sat talking for a few hours about more or less everything, including Hanne and how things were and will be. (He’s also her ex, and we got into quite a big fuzz when I got together with her, which has made our friendship a bit cold for a long time. I think and hope that’ll change now.) Very, very nice and I’m happy that things are working out now.

I’ve written it before, but I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have such a big bunch of great people around me showing that they care and trying to help me get on. I’m grateful and glad for you being there. If any of you ever need support, you know where to get it.

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