A full day.
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Went to bed about 0400 last night, woke up from my alarm clock at somewhere around 0845. Got some breakfast, went to a meeting with our customer in “Experts in Team”. He’s an artist, and therefore not too hard into technology. At least, that was what I thought. It showed that he was quite into technology, however, so the four of us had a three-hour chat about the project, technology and the internet. Quite fun. Went home, picked up my suit on the way.

At home, I got into a discussion about pancakes, so I ended up joining the pancake community on orkut and making pancakes for dinner. Magni came over and we had a long and nice chat about life, the universe and everything. She also helped me clean my kitchen. (To be honest, she more or less cleaned it by herself.) We had a great dinner, decent coffee (even if it was instant), good chocolate and good ice cream.

Went to Samfundet afterwards and met up with Stine. We went to the concert, it was ok-ish, but not too compatible with my taste of music. One funny thing happened, though: In the middle of the second tune, the bass drum stopped. After the song, the singer asked “Is there anybody who has a bass drum foot pedal?“, and about a minute later, the bass drum was working again. I just love Samfundet.

I walked Stine home and we ended up standing outside her place, talking for something closer to an hour about lots of stuff. Nice.

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