Busy day..
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Went to sleep a bit late yesterday, but woke up quite early still, at least with the bedtime taken into comparison. At least I woke up before my alarm clock. Went to a lecture in System Administration, where we also chose the groups to work in for the project. I’m in a good and competent one with oyving, eirikref, larseie and the last guy whose user name I can’t remember. Anyhow, quite competent. We’re not sure what project we want to do, though.

Afterwards, I went down to Samfundet and helped fix the fiber link, which fucked itself at 2100 yesterday and didn’t get well until approximately 1500 today. No idea what was really wrong, but we fixed it. Forgot to log out from one of the workstations before going home, so I got one of those “I am a goldfish” mails. Fair enough.

Went to a cafe with Magni. We talked about a lot of stuff, work, IT, life in general, my life being sucky and how I handled that. Very nice, I love talking to her, she’s smart and has good insights on lots of subjects. I had to leave a bit early because of a phone call from work – one of the servers had a fit because of a full /var, which was filled with a 1.2GB MySQL log file. A little later, it went happily on.

Went to a meeting with one of the more managent-oriented groups at Samfundet were the leader of the IT group, two people from the other group and I discussed how Samfundet should work together with UKA (lit: the week, a huge student festival with about 60 000 visitors over three weeks) and handle the IT issues we had this spring. It was a long and interesting talk, and I’m fairly confident that next year’s Uke will be a lot better IT-wise.

Got home again, then Shane /msg-ed me on IRC. He drove down here and picked me up for some help with his computer. His CD-ROM was fixed by turning off DMA (since having DMA on caused the IDE controller to go bananas and lose access to the hard drive). Also some other minor stuff, like compiling Linux 2.6.2, getting ALSA working and so on. He also made som food, which I guess I need at the moment. Was home closer to half past three, then went to bed.

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